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Boost Your Sales works because while we get completely ingrained in your company, we are still a somewhat independent sounding board for you and your team, detached from current company dynamics. This means we bring a fresh perspective, wide knowledge pool and vast experience every time resulting a unique way of working with you that focuses on improving your results. That said there are some common elements to our engagement process:


Boost Your Sales works with growth-focused companies typically in Dublin and the wider Leinster region. Generally they have limited or no sales and / or marketing function. In some cases where there is a small sales and marketing team we work with them and the business owner to improve their effectiveness through hands-on training, development and mentoring. In all cases there is opportunity to enhance the results of the current sales and marketing team where past efforts have not proven to have lasting results.


When we are hired we effectively become your sales and / or marketing experts and critically a key part of your team. We work with you, your management teams (as well as sales and marketing staff if present). We enjoy rolling up our sleeves and being part of your day-to-day business. We use our own tried and tested processes, methods and ingredients to make sales and marketing a success. While we have open ears and eyes, we do not require any training from the company - just a deep insight of your products/services and business. After that we are ready to boost your sales.


So we can get ingrained in your business, deliver change and make a real and lasting impact, we prefer to work in partnership with our clients for a 12 month engagement. However, for new clients we are happy for you to put us to test and start small with a shorter lifespan project or sales and / or marketing challenge.


We are generally scheduled to be with our client onsite for 1-2 days per week or we work remotely if the client prefers this. Outside of scheduled onsite support, we are available to clients around the clock via email, phone and online meetings. Our approach is about spending quality time with clients and sharing insights and learnings from our experiences working across 3-4 clients at the one time.

Sales, Marketing and / or Business Strategy

As they go hand-in-hand, we strive to provide an integrated sales, marketing and business strategy function for your business, but equally some of our clients use us just for sales, just marketing or just for sound advice. Given your set up, circumstances and requirements, we are flexible to design a right-fit service tailored to your business.


We only find success when you find success, therefore we work towards ensuring 100% client satisfaction at all times. If for any reason our clients are not satisfied with the results of our work the contract can be cancelled upon notice. It hasn’t happened yet!

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