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How do you best prepare to take your successful Irish business into an overseas market? From my experience of working with several different IT and technology companies doing just that, while there is no one-size fits all tick-box to complete to put you on the path to success, certain learnings and commonalities emerge time and time again. I thought the following flags might be of interest to senior management about to embark on their own overseas journey.
Locals going global - Learnings from Irish IT and technology firms on making their international market expansion a success. Photo by Tom Cleary on Unsplash

Flashback to Friday afternoon, 6th February 2009! As a budding marketer, that’s when I decided to give this Linkedin thing a go! Nearly 10 years later, its widely heralded as the most popular business to business social networking platform on the planet. Linkedin has been a tremendous success both locally here in Ireland and across the globe meaning its practically a marketing must-have for the vast majority of businesses out there. Not that I confess to being a “Linkedin Expert” but I thought I would share a few tips for any Small-to-Medium business owners looking to get the basics right!

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