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Given the time of year, we thought it fitting to share some 'back-to-school' inspired lessons we could all do with learning!
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Back to School Inspired Scholarly Snippets for Small Business Owners Boost Blog August 2019

Many of the MDs and CEOs we work with in the IT and technology sector often mention the dilemma of the summer holiday season – the need to and yet the difficulty of taking a well-earned break! We agree with one thing – “a holiday is simply not an option”. It’s a must! For busy MDs and CEOs in the tech sector we think it’s counter-intuitive to think any different. Find out why...
A holiday is simply not an option, Boost Your Sales Blog

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When quick wins are quick losses

At the start of a New Year a lot of us are usually busy agreeing sales targets! In most cases the focus is on how to win new business. After that the question that usually comes up is, “ How can we get a few quick wins to kick the year off to a great start? “ But before you waste time and energy trying to come up with the suspects in your network, the good clients that always buy from you and the fresh marketing ideas, I would recommend you review last years “quick wins” and see if they were real “wins” at all ?
When quick wins are quick losses