Digital to Traditional

Blogging, search, Google, campaigns, leads, events, case studies, website! How on earth can I handle all that when I don’t even have time to properly run the business? The answer is – you can’t. Effective marketing strategy development, execution and management needs effective time allocation, resourcing and management.

Relax. Breathe. Smile. Boost Your Sales is here to help! From overall marketing strategy and planning to point-project execution and management stemming across both traditional core marketing, digital and social media marketing and one-off marketing projects, our team our certified, "been-there, done-that" experts will get marketing working for you whether you are a time-pressured business owner or stressed out marketer or sales manager looking for a fresh pair of eyes, energy and some caffeine chucked in on top.

Marketing has changed so much in today’s digital world that the list of what you need to get on top off keeps growing. You don’t need to do it all but you need understand what suits you best. If you want to step back and take a bird’s eye view talk to us about our marketing strategy services where we can work with you to define a robust marketing plan, budget and execution plan. If you just need support on a particular marketing topic then check out our long-list of marketing services below which we divide as core (traditional) marketing, social and digital marketing and marketing projects.

Core Marketing

Marketing Collateral Design and Printing  |  Case Study and Marketing Material Production  |  Copywriting  |  Marketing Design & Creative Services  |  Brand Development, Enforcement and Management  |  Advertising Management and Production  |  Database Management and Cleansing  |  Internal Communications Management and Programmes  |  Referral Marketing  |  Direct Marketing  |  Market Research  |  Newsletter Design, Production and Distribution  |  Lead Generation  |  Tender and  Bid Design, Print and Management  |  Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) & Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) process set up

Social & Digital

Website Design and Development  |  Website Micro-sites and Landing Pages  |  Website Content Development and Website Management  |  Website Analytics and Conversion  |  Email Marketing  |  Marketing Automation  |  Nurture Marketing  |  Webinar Setup & Management  |  Search Engine Optimisation (link building, site audits, directory submission, search strategy)  |  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Management (e.g. Google Adwords)  |  Content Marketing  |  Social Media Platform Management (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)  |  Blogging Marketing  |  Sponsored Content Marketing  |  Remarketing & Display Marketing  |  Inbound Lead Generation  |  Digital / Online PR Management  |  Website  |  Social Selling  |  Video Production and Design

Marketing Projects

Marketing Plan Development  |  Marketing Budget Development and Management  |  Event Design and Management  |  Corporate Event and Announcement Management  |  Website Redesign and Development Projects  |  Marketing Department Setup  |  Marketing Recruitment  |  Marketing Mentoring