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Founded in 2004, BH Consulting is an award-winning independent advisory firm specialising in information security consulting, cybersecurity, risk assessment, cloud forensics and training.  The company is well-respected in the industry.  However it was overly reliant on referrals for new business and lacked an overall strategic plan. This resulted in long working hours for the team who were focused on short term goals.

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Boost Your Sales advised and assisted BH Consulting with the implementation of best practice business management activities.

Vision & Values

Initially one of the main priorities was to set out an agreed-upon strategic vision for the business, redefine priorities and produce a 3-year business plan. It was also important to ensure that the goals of the business were congruent with the personal values of the staff and management team.


We worked with BH to set up weekly operations and management meetings, sales pipeline reporting, biannual ‘away days’ for the team and prospect reviews.

Building the Team

Upon review of the business and as part of our new one page business plan we decided to recruit a number of key staff that would position the business for growth. This included a Chief Operations Officer and two senior Cybersecurity Experts and a part-time accountant.




Since BYS engaged with BH Consulting there has been a quantifiable improvement in the finances of the company in terms of revenue, cost structure and overall profitability.

Business Growth

The business now employs 12 staff, up from 7 when BYS first engaged, and has built a strong sales pipeline to support future growth. This is aided by a formal business plan aligned to the strategic goals of the company.

Work/Life Balance and Security

With formal policies and procedures in place, all staff in BH Consulting have an improved work/life balance while becoming more productive at work. Clarity of roles and a clearer company vision has benefited all.

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Boost Your Sales did just that – they boosted our sales! The worked with us to implement a new management structure, sales management process and business plan which quickly delivered more revenue, reduced costs and better profitability. The company is expanding with a refined vision, energised team and purpose.

Brian HonanManaging Director / Owner, BH Consulting