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Evercam provides cameras and smart camera software for construction sites to run construction projects better including reality capture, video and recordings. Evercam works with a broad spectrum of clients from large building contractors, blue-chip corporates, datacentre build projects and smaller construction companies seeking to better manage build projects for clients. Evercam and their software provides a single source of truth for what is happening on a construction site. 

Evercam Construction Cameras



Evercam was at a critical point of growth with an expert but small team starting to expand very quickly in Ireland, the UK and further afield. Evercam wanted outside expertise to validate and bolster the overall business strategy and to assist with sales processes and marketing development prior to rapid expansion. 


Boost Your Sales adopted a 'hands-on' approach with Evercam, initially helping to formalise processes across sales, sales management and developing the sales capability across the organisation. We worked with Evercam to get to know the team, the product, the customer and emerging customer profiles and markets.  

Company Processes

Boost Your Sales recommended and implemented formal sales processes and how Evercam presents itself and engages with customers.  We also worked with Evercam in formalising marketing and sales talent attraction, hiring processes and recruitment drives including role definition, advertising, screening, hiring and onboarding.  This ensured Evercam got the right people at the right time to assist in their growth phase.  

Marketing Management

Boost Your Sales assisted Evercam in the recruitment process for a key marketing hire which had a huge impact on the business. 



Changing Market

During a time of expansion, changing customer profile, pricing structure and approach, the outside perspective and support from Boost Your Sales helped Evercam enhance their commercial, sales and marketing approach. "It is difficult to do this while you are building product", commented Vinnie Quinn, Director, Evercam, meaning the engagement enabled Evercam to do both during a busy growth phase. 

Outside Perspective

Evercam benefitted from an outside, impartial pair of eyes and grey hairs as a sounding board for key strategic next steps in terms of the business evolution, business strategy, sales approach, sales management and right marketing structure. 

Ready to scale

By helping Evercam put the right systems and processes in place at the time, Boost Your Sales helped prime Evercam for growth at home and abroad. 

Customer Video - Evercam Construction Cameras

Evercam worked with Joe and John Paul during a critical stage in our growth. It was a huge boost for the management team and the sales team to be able to incorporate their experience and focus.

Marco HerbstCEO, Evercam